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GelaX // Ben Youngblood // Love, Sophie // I Wish I Was A Punk Band // The Kerosene Hours

GelaX – Mr. Square

“Dedicated to all Douche-bags, chauvinistic egotistical condescending power-greedy men, hiding behind empty gestures and fake promises to the women they attempt to deceive.” Toronto fantasy indie rock band GelaX, asks names later. Maybe. Aftermath of collapsed lungs and hyper extended ligaments strewn the dancefloor of death when the hurricane of GelaX comes to town. Heads on the mantle of ‘showoff’ egos, are what ‘Mr. Square’ depicts and starts from the one side of the crotch of revenge, then to the other. Rip. Rip. R.I.P. A contentious relationship between the fools and persons of predatory consumptions, have fans and enemies. GelaX verges with utter contempt for the ones who are bastards and who knows that very fact of themselves. Disgusting. GelaX’s singe, in contrast is a vortex of mystery and darkness that is succulently alt, but oh so retro fabulousness. Think Republica, Gary Numan, Elastica. Yep. Now you get it. Get GelaX.

Ben Youngblood – Love, Accidentally

Raleigh, North Carolina based Ben’s noise rock and indie screams get to you like visceral attitudes that were meant to be. Just like his personal transformation, both physically and mentally, the young artist takes his driven passions and rolls them around his proverbial tastebuds of life, like a life-saver candy. Enjoying the moments that he comes across, that vision and attention comes through his music as part of a cult like attraction, with beaming guitars and vibrant thrusts of energy and smiles. You can feel his smiles through his music. You just can’t avoid it. ‘Love, Accidentally’ decides on a path of recognition and presumption – ready for the next tasks of surviving, then thriving. That’s the plan. A wonderfully positive stance in song.

Love, Sophie – Blush

“’Blush’ is not about makeup. ‘Blush’ is not about wine. ‘Blush’ is not about falling in love. Blushing yet?” This is the tag for this enthrallingly interesting and simple bedroom pop aversion of the mind, ‘Blush’. Love, Sophie is the art pallet for Sophie Levine. She’s kinda in love with bedroom pop and all of its subtleties and mannerisms. Looking from 30,000 feet high above, you see the crown of a deity, in spirit and unanimously proud conjugation. A brushing aside of complexity, but reassuredly composing of a love bomb in dedication. An anthem for the love of one, the only. The only one. A promise of my physical changes, will never deter her – him – from moving farther away. A proud moment of connection and complete understanding of communication, Sophie deals with it like that queen of hearts, she fetters to be. Tickling those exact emotions, she herself wants emboldened. Sophie’s baed in Denver. Look out for lots more from this frisky artist.

I Wish I Was A Punk Band – Slow Regard

I Wish I Was A Punk Band is the solo expression of multi-instrumentalist Phil Hamilton. Busking in the deep forests of the mind, you’re swept into another world. A private world of expectations and self-immolation of wishes. A reflecting pool, where there’s not reflective surfaces, the hands of passion guides you to the ends of the earth. Then you want to come back to do it once more. Inspired by Patrick Rothfuss’ book ‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things’, Phil takes on the task of reimagining the suppositions of reality and forming it inside a world of music and its taste of wonder. Out of the gates, Phil’s first album ‘Takeda Bleach’ will drop at the end of this year. Recorded with Mathieu Riede in Tacoma, WA, and Saman Khoujinian in Carrboro, NC. Phil said: “The album pulls on wisps of nostalgia as it explores the memory distortions and biases of one’s youth.” The invisible walls of youth, transform into a structure of magnitude, as we age and begin to absorb the insanity of this world. ‘Slow Regard’ is a tactile, instrumentally driven indie formulation that is beautiful in its simplicity and calm. Indeed.

The Kerosene Hours – Hang On

“Your earliest memories aren’t always about your parents,” stated The Kerosene Hours. “The love that hurts the most isn’t always romantic. Have you ever felt the hurt that comes form your brother or sister destroying themselves? Have you ever watched them fall to pieces before your eyes? Have they ever asked you to “Hang on… while they lose it for a little while” promising to get their shit together again one day? Yeah… me neither. This song is about that.” Aaron Silverstein wants us to look darkness into its eyes and love it. Don’t fall through the cracks that might feel good enough for a little while. Don’t. Fall. For. The. Tricks. As depressive as the song might be, it’s more effervescent than you’d think. Its formation of musical diction, tattle tales into a flood of micro-emotions, and parries inwards towards revelation. Wipe off the tears, while you still feel like you’re the pit of the earth. Rebound, as you always can. They are depending on you. As Aaron would state: “Los Angeles. Dark, scary nights. Bad dreams. Cigarettes. Mistakes. Good intentions. The road to Hell. Apologies.” Sums it up.


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