GENES Shares Refreshing Pop With Single ‘Give It Away’.

“Would you do that for me?”

The enemy of the heart circles around the wagons, to take away what has been a right. A right of sadness, belligerence, happiness, or joy – it’s the tactile gestures of my existence that come forth to help it thrive.

Without that freedom, you will shackle the limbs of justice – where it will soon, shrivel up in dire straits – forever doomed.

That’s how it feels when questions are not acknowledged; questions not requited. A certainty of accommodation, between two beings, will have to last. It will not when the battery for love and passion, isn’t recharged with the honesty that should be the genesis of it all.

So. “would you do that for me?”

Vulnerability of how GENES, the project of Maddy Rowe, encapsulates it all. With hints of effervescence, in a story of melancholy and tragedy, you’re taken to a place of hope by Maddy’s vibrant vocals and expressions.

Taken from the aftermath of a breakup, ‘Give It Away’ was a way for Maddy to inspire and take account to what was and then what has to be in the future.

The subtle change of the norm in GENES’ single is a fab addition to the rotation.



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