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Gentle Leader XIV Share ‘Me And My Baby’ From Debut Album ‘Channels’.

Like the glorious dual female vocal bands of old, the new-ness of Gentle Leader XIV never gets past us. And this time with celestial notes and hymns, the band released ‘Me And My Baby’ coming off of their debut album ‘Channels’. And the synthpop essence is what we came to ear-purchase, and it’s very tasty.

For sure.

The combination of the different ways the notes are articulated on the single is, by design, session-like.

And it feels good, like a perfect drizzle of mountain water, dripped on your tired feet.

It’s chilled, and inviting.

“Come in, my dear. Our home welcomes you.”

The song describes the present. The present of the past, in our future minds.

Gentle Leader XIV consists of: Maria Jenkins (Hollows), Lisa McDuffie, and Jeffrey Tucholski (Running), with Chris McDuffie (The Apples In Stereo).

With synthpop at the core of the Chicago band, they can’t wait to share their debut LP ‘Channels’.

Friendly seduction begins then.

Album drops April 20, 2018.

Buy [HERE]



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