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GEOFF GIBBONS’ Newest Single ‘Fall Girl’. “The Love Story For The Many Of Us.”

GEOFF GIBBONS’ newest single ‘Fall Girl’ is a love story that we all can relate to. We all had crushes and infatuations about a possible significant other, here and there, and many times, those images of reciprocation, just didn’t pan out. Hearts ached, and sadness enveloped our minds, when rejection was the order of the day.

But with confidence, we all came back up and stood tall again. “To fight another day” someone once stated.

And that’s ‘Fall Girl’ and it the unrequited love who, you won’t be near, but for that split second of cosmic time, she (or he) made you feel just invincible at the possibilities.

GEOFF GIBBONs is a Vancouver based folk-rock artist and within this single, he’s managed to capture the feeling of loss, potentials, with the whimsy and understated empathy, we love.

With Cat Stevens, Jony Mitchell, and Neil Young as guiding lights, Geoff was set into a career of music in his early twenties. Bands and albums later, here he is, doing his best to entertain and make our emotions talk again.

Let’s all talk again.

For love, and for the new horizon up ahead, with Geoff.



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