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Georgi Kay // Caroline Kole // Tennis Club // Annika Grace

Georgi Kay – Lone Wolf – Reimagined

“It is about true loneliness,” said Georgi Kay. “Even the large gaps of space within the soundscape make you feel alone. In fact, each musical element was specifically designed to help carry that message and emphasize those feelings of pure loneliness and isolation. For me, the song creates a desolate landscape, isolated and untouched – myself being the only living soul within it. That feeling of loneliness and silence forces me to look within myself and reflect on everything that makes me who and what I am to a point where I can accept all of it – transforming my loneliness into something beautiful.” One of the more decorated electronica purveyors, she is a playa of your soul and digital attitudes for life. She makes things happen with her productions, as emotional or ambiguous, as you’d like. Just keep listening.

Caroline Kole – Freaking Out!

Off of the 6 track EP, Caroline Kole does it again with her title track ‘Freaking Out!’. Bubbly as effervescent it is, and vibratnt as the summer sun was, it brings the fun and charm to the fore. “I’m freaking out about my life in general right now,” shared Caroline. “I feel this EP is an accumulation all of those emotions! I’m feeling sassy, uncertain, empowered, but overall I’m freaking out! I’m excited for this new chapter, and excited to share it with you all!” We’d said of her prior: “The popular maker of ear-worm pop melodies that are here for you to shine up that dullness you feel. The Nashville based artist makes things happen when she touches you with the magic wand.” Fact remains true.

Tennis Club – Luna

“This song is another venture into a different genre from our past singles. The only way to stay in a creative space is to constantly be changing. So that’s what we do with every song. This song is a letter to the “light” of another human being and telling that person to never stop being who they are; that light in the dark..” Tennis Club is a project by the boys, who have much ambition and passion to share. They want to kiss you. Smother you in the gelatinous goodness that comes out of their musical fingers. They want to seduce you. Will you be seduce? Yes, please. They’re two best friends since 1st grade, dropped out of college to pursue music and started some businesses together. They’re life partners, in a sense. We thin that’s good for us listeners. Look for more from them. Word.

Annika Grace – The story behind ‘Crazy Stupid Bitch’

A message from Annika Grace: “I am so thrilled to finally put out this project. Instead of shooting a music video like I usually do, I wanted to bring women together and empower and support each other with stories. We have all been taken down by others and its in those moments how we react and take action that matter. Stick up for each other, speak kindly, and be utterly and beautifully yourself.” We’d said of Annika: “Annika’s shots at atmospheres is engrossing. The mark of synth, shimmering around Annika’s thrusting vocals, ingratiate in pastel aggression.” This is the story behind the single ‘Crazy Stupid Bitch’. Listen below.

Annika Grace – Crazy Stupid Bitch

Annika Grace is a singer, songwriter, and poet living in Venice, California. Raised in a town where everyone wants to be someone and treats one another as either a Prada bag or a Tilly’s backpack. “Girls can be cruel to each other. We call each other names, go behind each others backs, tear each other down and with each not so nice thing that leaves our lips, it’s surprising that even though the ‘girl power’ movement is going full force, there’s still some girls that would be mean to each other. I was called a ‘Crazy Stupid Bitch’ by someone who I thought was a friend and instead of getting angry or getting even, I decided to channel that hurt into a song and in the process, release and let go as well. Music is one of the best ways to express ourselves no matter the circumstance and this song is my way of gaining my power back, for all of us to gain our power and our confidence back, no matter what awful things people may call us. In the end, I laugh about it because honestly we can all be ‘Crazy Stupid Bitches’ from time to time. Let’s change the narrative and instead of letting hurtful words get us down, let’s embrace them.” Annika is a talent in construction and arrangement, knowing how to tell a story – both poignantly and in that pop method.


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