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Georgia English Share Title Track ‘ Learn To Drive’. “Song for promises. To within and without.”

‘Learn To Drive’ is a beautifully poignant title song for promises and a gentle reminder of what determination can get ya. GEORGIA ENGLISH is a Nashville based artist who embodies the contemporary female spirit and perspective to the roots of living and thriving.

And through her songs, she pushes the world that she thinks should be fair and just for all who are lucky to be living in the hunk of rock, which we call earth.

The deep and unique songwriting prowess of Georgia, can be seen from 10,000 feet up, where the obvious thoughtfulness and execution comes through with flying colors.

And to top it off, her Edie Brickell-like vocal hues and habits make Georgia’s songs beautiful to access, then embrace.

Off of her latest new album is a ride through a person’s journey and of expectations; curiosities about the world about, and from within. It’s a coming-of-age vision in story telling and of valiant struggles for recognition.



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