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Georgia Hurd Shares Broodingly Vivacious Love Song ‘Jewel’. “The time is now. And the road will be glorious.”

Los Angeles based artist GEORGIA HURD is fabulous in her latest single ‘Jewel’. The Maine grown, soulful pop star, delivers with mahogany smooth vocals, topping with emphatic lyrics and sentiments. The single is a great indication of where Georgia has been and will be in the future.

The mature strength of task, presented by her vocals, soothes the senses as it propels waves of decadence resoundingly across the heavens of desire. The rich and direct visions are clearly communicated by the ‘throbbing’ antithesis of the song. The heartaches and heartbreaks linger on the edges of her words, as the moon and the starts collapse in a pining embrace of recognition. The recognition of the experiential being that her combination in sound, radiates.

To our benefit, Georgia will drop her first solo Ep soon. The EP collection had been produced with Kyle McCammon and through that ecosystem, the brooding characteristics come on strong, as it feels like each fiber of your heart is tug to their maximum.

Georgia had been coordinating and collaborating with her brother’s project, BAY LEDGES (opened for Alice Merton, J.Views and The Fray).

Now, here we are with a chance to hear more and more of Georgia, at her finest.

It’s been a long trip since her passion for writing songs beginning at 15 years of age. And we agree with Georgia, that it is the right time to seek out her own road.

A new and exciting road to be savored and absorbed.

Through all the brooding, there is vibrance and positivity in her single ‘Jewel’. As she digs deeper into subjects of the heart, we can promise that we all will be in for a nice and beautiful ride.

See her next at CANNONS’ album release show at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, July 11th.



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