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German Elections: Angela Merkel wins 4th term. AFD takes 13% of seats.

The Guardian reports that Angela Merkel, the leader of CDU/CSU, have been projected to win her 4th term as Chancellor of Germany.

“Angela Merkel is set for a fourth term as Germany’s chancellor after her centre right CDU/CSU won a projected 33% of the vote in federal elections, making it the largest party in the Bundestag with an estimated 218 seats.”

Also, “The far-right, anti-immigration AfD made a historic breakthrough, winning 13.5% of the vote and a projected 87 seats and becoming the first overtly nationalist party to sit in the Bundestag in 60 years. The party’s performance marks a major shift in Germany’s postwar politics that is likely to produce a very different tone and dynamic inside the Bundestag.”

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