Germano ‘Cool’ : Bringing with it a fantastical array of humor, civility, angst and joy.


“I wanted the song itself to reflect that “sweep-under-the-rug” mentality,” stated Germano, “so you might not realize at first that the lyrics are about escapism and depressive self- destructive behavior because theyʼre disguised as pop melodies. And the same concept applies to the music video where my friends and I are (literally) killing each other while Iʼm wearing some dope outfits, so itʼs cool.”

With eclectic flavors of pop in the dynastic realms of pop stars Conan Gray and Benee, Germano’s moody verses dynamically shimmer with multi-colored tints, bringing with it a fantastical array of humor, civility, angst and joy.

Germano is a Brazilian born pop artist based in Los Angeles. In 2019, he released his debut single ‘Lost Crowd’ along with its self-directed music video, attracting thousands of fans online and receiving support from publications such as POPDUST, C-Heads Magazine, Popmusik, EQ Music and to name a few.

A charming grace, in song and production.


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nothing to lose ⚡️🖤 have u pre-saved COOL yet?¿ 🌚

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