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Gertie Fox Shares ‘Wood Met Water’. Unorthodox, Complex, Tales Told – The Way They Want.

‘Wood Met Water’ is a single that is part of a ‘Lost in Time (A Retrospective)’. The atmospheric guitar work and haunting contrasts in this single, keeps up with the collection of songs put together by this indie-rock band. The emotional out-cropping is a mix of 60’s inclinations, and heightened by a story telling that is, ultimately, very cool.

The multi-instrumental sonic trepidations, is oddly conforming and fits perfectly with the ‘long-form’ tales depicted by the lyrics.

And that’s the way it should be. You have something to say? You have something to communicate?

Get it out.

Get it out of your system.

Whatever methods you can concoct.

It surely beats keeping it deep inside you.

Ian and the gang, provides a flowery trip on many of the songs. Listen to ‘Identifying Birds’. Want something harder? Check out ‘Masterpiece’. And in ‘Wood Met Water’ that trip-essence, continues.

It’s weird, but the way they construct their songs, reminds me of how heavy-metal bands construct their songs. Meaning, the complexity is built in, for a specific output result.

Probably just us, but we dig that kind of uniqueness.


The band consists of: Ian Capilouto, Joseph Martin, Matthew Molchany, and Todd Calvert.



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