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GET CAPE. WEAR CAPE. FLY. New Tour Dates. Shares New Single ‘Animate’. New Album ‘Young Adult’ Out Now.

It’s been four years since Get Cape’s last UK tour. But here we are in 2018. Another has been announced where May will be a jam packed dates of emo, folk, emo, pop-rock. As Get Cape always does – primal screams of love and desperation, then redemption circles your head like it should and pecks at your innards of your heart’s desire.

It’s a good thing.

In January, Sam Duckworth (aka Get Cap.) will bring his immersive and ‘crying’ style of vocals to the stages of the UK. Dates include: May 4th @ EBGBs in Liverpool, the 5th @ Handmade Festival in Leicester (that will be a doozy), the 12th @ Chinnerys in Southend, the 14th Lost @ Evenings in big ol’ London, and May 27th @ Common People in London.

The latest album ‘Young Adult’ is available now.

“These days shortcuts are easy. Whether its ‘wikipediaing’ in a pub quiz or reading the spoilers, technology has made it easier to know it all. By taking a step back from the digital realm, sometimes we are able to feel suspense and uncertainty, in their more forgiving forms. Life is moving so fast, for me, it’s been a case of working out which shortcuts I like and which, pre digital, elements of my life I want to retain. Sometimes, that longer car journey is a better experience.” – mused Sam Duckworth as he takes a step back for a moment’s tranquil contemplation and observation..about his latest LP, ‘Young Adult’.

Should be a great May for Get Cape fans in the UK, for sure.

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4th EBGBs, Liverpool
5th Handmade Festival, Leicester
12th Chinnerys, Southend
14th Lost Evenings, London
27th Common People, London


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