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Get Swept by Whiplash Girlchild’s Single ‘Walden’. “Where Does That Path Lead?”

Get raptured and wrapped up in the rhythmic songwriting of Whiplash Girlchild’s latest single ‘Walden’. The song is a mysteriously sound, pillar of vocals that climb high into the sky of your world view. Up in the sky 30,000 feet above the Earth, watching as one would a shepherd of ants on a mound of mud and water. “What a view.”

The Maisonneuve Music represented band comes at us to lighten up our pallets with this wholly conducive and delightfully aromatic single of flowery consonants. And incredibly, our view from the sky, between Earth and Space, becomes focused and clarified.

The two actors in this play, called life, held hands and held firmly. The decision to delve into the essence of their uncanny and debilitating depression, was their aim. They wanted to make sure to find out what was wrong, or odd about the damning condition they never wanted or once thought of. They cursed the day that this fell upon their dreary lives. The darkness upon which they stood and balanced their last ounce of strength, was too much of torture. It was over bearing, It was outstandingly hideous. It was just un-fair. The past had never been kind to them, in current memories. The future, didn’t feel right for them, even in the best of times. The only time they felt secure and adored and loved, was when they closed their eyes.

“Aye. This is where we belong, Trisha. Hold my hand, never let go.”

Out of desire and destitute emotions, they took that journey; the journey into that vast inner Universe they held dearly to their chests. Together they thought, the world – nay, Space – will be their’s, in time.

This little patch of ‘Walden’ was a perfect distraction, to another possible regular ol’ day.

Kudos, WG. Kudos.

The band consists of: Lucas Tennen (Vox/Guitar), Hugh Mungus (Guitar), Max Wilson (Bass), and Mitch Milley (Drums).

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