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Getaway Dogs // Qwiet Type // Chemical Sweet Kid // Stevie Zita // The Zero Won

Getaway Dogs – I’m Like You, Overwhelmed
Getaway Dogs is the brainchild of Brazilian-American, Santa Cruz-based songwriter, Kai Killion. And this self described project that is “Cushy Bedroom Psychedelic Bossanova & Dreamsurf” thingamajig, really caters to your ‘other self’ – the self that comes back from work and is opposite of your corporate persona. Their latest album ‘Belong’ narrows in on Getaway Dogs’ unique style from previous bodies of work. Unifying psychedelic surf-rock, indie, folk, soul and Tropicália, it dives deeper into the hidden caves of musical discovery, embracing the vastness without going adrift. Getaway Dogs lure multitudes of sound from behind each corner, giving them a space to roam together. This is the soundtrack to a lush, summer dream: A bluesy, rosey, jazzy, and fruitful escape through music.

Qwiet Type – Shakedown

Qwiet Type is a solo artist, songwriter and producer of his own music. While his genre has been tough to nail down with his music as a whole, his songs display a fusion of indie, alternative, pop, synth pop, experimental, electronica, new wave and even a touch of hip hop. “I love music from all genres and decades.The music from my past and the music I love today seems to be coming out of me in such a blended way that I can’t explain. I am not copying anyone, I am just releasing the music that’s in my head on to my recordings the best I can”. From passion to rolling expressions of music and emotions, Qwiet Type, is just that. And Qwiet Type will be releasing a new single every few weeks, to celebrate such journey.

Chemical Sweet Kid – Lost Paradise

The Metz originating band, consisting of Julien Kidam, Kora-Li Louys, and Nico Dorwald deliver some tantalizingly succulent industrial grit on this single. With beautifully blaring vocals, to the rhythmic march of the guitars to the drums, the French musicians join the ranks somewhere between, Marilyn Manson, Christian Death, Combichrist and Rob Zombie. Welcomingly they blur the boundaries between hard industrial riffs and electronic elements. It’s all in a day’s work for the fab trio, and it just works fabulously. ‘Lost Paradise’ is a featuring with Marcus Engel, guitarist of the band Rabia Sorda. Chemical Sweet Kid’s 5th album which will be released on November 15.

Stevie Zita – Bandit

Stevie Zita continues his quest for connecting with your day’s vibes with his latest single ‘Bandit’. We’d said of him this way prior: “Moods. That’s what STEVIE ZITA makes. Every time. And when he sings in his singles, he cracks the ceilings on what could be. The layered lyrics, with alternative and personal meanings, are amplified to the fullest with addictive pop elements and digital notes that activate that happiness cortex, in a melancholic love.” That’s what Stevie does, even if he doesn’t realize it. But we think he does. As his changes of climate, within the folding Universes cast open the banished regrets, he wants us to linger…just a bit more, until she can call out once more. A chance to redeem our worthiness, in the thicket of our senses, knowing that we don’t really deserve such a love. Get swept in Stevie’s shoegaze inspired shimmer.

The Zero Won – Own It

The Zero Won shows some additional fire power in their single ‘Own It’. A par of a 2 track EP of the same name, it is a two barreled shotgun of both that power we’d mentioned, and grace that you’ll hear on single ‘I Decided’. The combination of the two deliciously bring us into a zone of decadence and love, that, to be honest, we’d all would love to experience, day in and day out in our real lives. Supple and understated vocals of Polina Leshnevskaia, start things off with a frame work of majestic mantra, and never stops. Their style just sticks. The band was started by Polina, and her bandmates, Jason Zro, Vasilis Kampouris, Theodoros Kopoul, back in 2017, with much to give and since, given. The Zero Won is a new pop project from Athens, Greece and you’ll want to listen over and over.


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