GG ‘About You’ : Earthy; very much organic … experiential.

GG / Photo: Emma Elias

There’s something very evaporatively dreamy about how GG’s vocals tune, as it hits your body.

The honesty of it all, obliviously deliver in absolute sweetness, without being un-substantive, which is a fact that is very much a contrast to a big part of the current alt-pop scene. There’s something very delightful, but earthy; very much organic, but experiential. And when dawn of your new day shines once more, GG’s sing’e ‘About You’ summons the secret giddy, good vibes, that we all ought to embrace.

Because things get better. Life gets better. There will be another love, to tend, care, and affectionately protect. It’s first to take care of yourself and be well, once again.

‘About You’ is an anthem about “self-love and agency.” GG adds voluptuously to the pallet with driving distorted power chords, thumping bass, snapping rhythm with dueling clarinet and saxophone parts, finger-picking banjo, a rousing female choir and a church organ. A full gamut of sights, and of sounds.

Off of the sophomore EP, ‘Midsummer Colour’, GG pairs up with Berlin based collaborator CROOK to create “a kaleidoscopic romp, full of colour, playfulness and celebration.”

“This album is made up of the precious things that fall out when your world turns upside down,” elaborated GG. “It’s the feeling of being scraped raw and feeling everything. When things are unbearable in the present, where do we go? With this EP, I wanted to imagine a world into existence – a world that’s open and essential and fundamental, where I’m not afraid to lose anything.”

Mission accomplished.


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