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GGOOLLDD – Excelsior Springs

Margaret Butler heads this band called GGOOLLDD. And the band’s song Excelsior Springs is a touch of nostalgia mixed in with some protein powder and some wonky eye retro-feels “let’s split the lunch bill, but I still love you” kind of song.

Why the word salad to describe this song? Because it made us feel something. And yes, we get wordy when things feel good – especially with songs we feature on this site.

Anywho, the lyrics are of love and its typical traps, we can relate to. But the kicker is the arrangement and combination made by her and her band-mates. The airy instrumentation, surely is ambience and surely is indie-pop.

The desperate and lonesome girl finds the one and only, who, as she feels can make her feel things from multiple levels. A level she knew not, until that fateful moment their eyes met, hands touched, hearts a fluttered. It’s a moment, a second, in a lifetime, where it seems like time has stopped, memories go blank, breath shortened.

And yes, the girl or guy, goes home and can’t think about anything else, but her or him, for the next month or so.


Ok, but Excelsior Springs, just brings this out and we commend it for that excellent talent.

Love is war, but not always. It’s lovely, most of the time. And when Excelsior Springs is on one’s music list, it sure feels good.


Oh, and they’re distributed by Roll Call Records in Los Angeles. Plus, GGOOLLDD seems to be doing great with a packed schedule until end of this year. Check where they’re playing.



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