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GGOOLLDD – The Way That I Feel

GGOOLLDD’s The Way That I Feel is a consumption overload, for our brains. Yes, hit me up side the head. Yes, slap me to the brink of nausea. No, don’t stop.

We’d been fans of GGOOLLDD for several months now (since we’d featured their ‘Excelsior Springs’ song on our Instagram account), and boy we’re glad we got to know them.

Albeit, a bit late in the game, we’re proud to be listening to their body of work, and being drenched by their nod to weird stage pop dramatics.

It’s for the small muscles in your legs, and for your dance-sensibilities.

‘The Way That I Feel’ is consistent with what we’d expect from the band. Boisterous, bombastic, kinda-rude, up-in-your-face, and a palm print on your forehead; it’s just good pop sh*t.

The band hails from Milwaukee WI.

And we dig that they are, and we dig them, even more for that.

Nothing to do with Milwaukee, but that we get to hear stuff (good stuff) coming from the heartland, of sorts).

No? Don’t agree?

Well, you should.

Variety is the fountain-spring of under appreciated copper pennies.

Yep. We said it. “fountain-spring”.

Translated into German it’s: ‘Springbrunnen’

Just realized ‘Springbrunnen’ looks better, when written down.

And ‘The Way That I Feel’ is just the same and cool as the word ‘Springbrunnen’.

It’s an experience


Anywho, enough of our rambling.

The gang at GGOOLLDD is rep’ed by the fab label, RollCall, out of Los Angeles.

Their latest album ‘Teeth’ will drop on December 1st, 2017.



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