GHOOL Shares His Dreams In Single ‘Voltaire’. Maybe In Love. Maybe In The Moment.

You took the big gulp slushy, pink with flavor, into our little stroll to the beach. You had on her bikini top, with daisy duke cut-out jean shorts, with a shall for your shoulders and back. You looked glorious and beautiful, sipping on the big gulp, making plastic-on-plastic scratch sounds with your straw between the teeth of the container top. Your tongue was pink, by now, and you glanced a cute gaze at me, with a slight wink. You playfully stuck your pointy pink tongue out to mock me in jest.

Maybe in love.

Maybe in the moment.

We frolicked down to the beach, walking past others – kids, families, ‘bros’, and ‘divas’. All looked happy, and content. Just like us.

Hand in hand, we touched each other, never letting go even in the hot sun.

Then you left me, without a care. Without properly saying goodbye, in that hospital bed.

Why did you decide to leave me?

Why did you make me into the husk of a man?

Don’t say goodbye.

You took the big gulp slushy, and enjoyed every minute of its cool taste.

You looked glorious and beautiful.

GHOOL is a project by Tony C. Ghool. And in this single ‘Voltaire’ the lo-fi / dream-pop affection drizzles down that rainy awning of life’s left over sentiments. It rains. And it pours on this presentation.


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