Ghost Against Ghost ‘Darth Mango’ : Will we continue to suffer, survive, thrive, hurt, and die.

Ghost Against Ghost

Will the world be re-re-defined in the second term of Trump? Will there be a new and cemented shift of division and conflicts in the new path to the middle of the 21st century?

Ghost Against Ghost’s ‘Darth Mango’ is a operatic clash of the defined darkness, advertised to be as morose and indefensible in the wilds of the public. The single also corrals the trepidations of BOTH divides, in politics and of emotions.

Ghost Against Ghost is the experimental rock project of eclectic composer Christopher Bono.

Christopher said: “At the time I had already been thinking about exploring rhythm in a heavier more intense, and early Twentieth Century classical kind of way, experimenting with rhythms energized by the music of Stravinsky, Bartok and others, as a driving force for the structure of a Ghost Against Ghost song… Of course, as with anything Ghost Against Ghost, it’s not an up the middle kind of pop song. The music was meant to express some very challenging emotions about the state of our world and reflects this by being abrasive, dissonant, angular, and very dense.”

Is there a segment of the populations, laughing at the plight of the cultural and political chaos?

And from that inquiry, will we continue to suffer, survive, thrive, hurt, and die for the causes that are blurred in the best of times?

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The title of “Darth Mango” and the cartoonish cover art by Nick Sirotich (@nickelopsus) suggest political satire. However, the lyrics, while directly pointing to the unwholesome tactics and mind states of Trump-ism, contrast this with a message of resistance to these temptations through love and social unity. Out now on @oursilentcanvas 💿 ⠀ Dᴀʀᴛʜ Mᴀɴɢᴏ Lʏʀɪᴄs: Love, Fear, We choose. Our own resistance. A1 Fear Reveals a weakness. A Lost Mind Trapped in Madness. People aren’t your play things. Selfish Lies Defy True Meaning. Choice Defines the Future Thoughts of All can tune a New World. B1 Unify, Unify, Unify before our Eyes. ⠀ A2 Fear dawns from Division, Darkened hearts become our prisons, The lines we draw are only shadows. Thoughts of All can tune a New World.

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