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Ghost Town Remedy // Wesley West // Gervais Sun // Hello Ocean // Mountain Bird

Ghost Town Remedy – 360 No Scope

“A classic tale of finally mustering up the courage to talk to someone you really care about only to get shut down in the worst way possible. GHOST TOWN REMEDY knows. The hurt, the struggle, the tears that comes with being rejected such a trauma. The heart is a small ball of muscle. But it keeps the body full of that goodness called oxygenated blood. So we can live. You know, so we can listen to such fab-ness as this song ‘360 No Scope’. Technically tight as any classically trained artists, emotionally hunted and haunted in their lyrics as any, the emo-pop confection of GHOST TOWN REMEDY is delicious. And with every bite, that sadness you feel from that rejection gets better. But you’ll take the sleeve of Reeses’ pieces to your car and eat it privately, resisting the tears for the last time. Don’t cry. Let’s try again tomorrow, eh? Nashville, TN based and owners of “oh so good” music, they get you. You should get them too.

Wesley West – All The Time

WESLEY WEST is a new artist from South Africa. His music contains a variety of music genres and instruments. From his apartment in Johannesburg, the vibrant colors shine through his productions. And as they do, with Wesley’s fabulously friendly vocals by your side, ‘All The Time’ presents an anthemic ambience, shining a-new your prospects within this lifetime. It’s the only one you have. Why not take it by your hands and lead it. We think ‘All The Time’ is of that moment, when we daydream. It is that sliver of happiness we feel during those moments. The track progresses in a light and uplifting choice of notes. And it becomes a fabulous ride. Simple, nostalgic, of the now. We all should attend.

Gervais Sun – Overzealous

Melbourne artist Rudy Sandapa is GERVAIS SUN. Melodies is the thrust of ‘Overzealous’. A beautifully grooved self realization of thought and heart. A song that is framed out of a slab of r&b/soul and energies, never afflicted. Lyrical attentions are accountably fearless, and hits all of your being with full force. The debut single is the first track off of the upcoming EP, and is an admittedly infectious pop rainbow of sounds. The 80’s and the 90’s, bouncing around this gorgeous institution, wants you to love. We want to love. We do love.

Hello Ocean – Over You

Relegated to a small corner of her room, she felt stricken with helplessness. Why was she feeling this way. Why was she feeling conflicts about him. Why was she being so out of the ordinary? “I can’t be like this. This isn’t me. I will break free of him.” Stina Svensson and Olivia Lundberg, come together with ‘Over You’. An anthemic patronage to feelings that freeze your life, in the negative. Breaking free from a self imposed emotional prison is what’s needed. Gothenburg Sweden originating HELLO OCEAN said: “‘Over You’ is about fighting back when the world pushes you down. Prioritizing yourself over someone who doesn’t value or recognize your worth.”

Mountain Bird – Hiding Underwater

“I was in a really dark place when I wrote this,” stated MOUNTAIN BIRD (Adam Öhman). “And at that time almost felt like hurting myself or do something worse was a good idea, but I got myself together. I just got so tired of always trying to cope with my brain the first thing in the morning and not just wake up and go you know… It’s like you have to tame a beast every time you’d wanna do something and therefore I wanted to swap my brain with someone. Just anyone.” Filmed in Berlin and directed by Maren Langer, we see Adam in solitude across a combination of 4 different storylines in the city, including particularly vulnerable shots of Adam underwater, putting the imagery of the song to film. Adam added about the single: “I just want to jump down and sleep under the surface of water where everything is quite and calm for a little while.” This ol’ school electro-pop/EDM cross over of sorts, kicks you the right way, providing exciting beats, heart pounding sample arrangements, and Adam’s fab vocals.


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