Ghostly Kisses ‘Barcelona Boy’ : An aural destitution, of emotional gravity.

Ghostly Kisses / Photo: Alma Kismic

Ghostly Kisses presents her second single from an EP to be released in June 2020. And as always, it’s a gorgeous underpinning of sight and sound; an aural destitution, of emotional gravity.

Inspired by trip hop, ‘Barcelona Boy’ incorporates live drum and samples, arrangements that reminiscent the productions from those years. Vinyl crackle, dirty basslines, Lo-Fi drums and synth arpeggios show a new facet of Ghostly Kisses and a higher level of grit compared to Ghostly Kisses’ work released up until now. Written in an apartment in the heart of Barcelona, Ghostly Kisses explores an unrequited love, of imagination and of textural reality.

The light is only at the end of the tunnel, if you deem it to be. ‘Barcelona Boy’ is that light and of the aspirations we all hold secretly and dear.

Let’s hope it all comes true.

The name GHOSTLY KISSES was inspired from reading William Faulkner’s poem ‘Une ballade des dames perdues’.

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new song out this friday..

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London ⛪️ captured by @florediamant

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