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Ghostly Kisses Shares ‘Touch (Acoustic)’. “Just gorgeous.”

“Acoustic version of ‘Touch’ by Ghostly Kisses.” said GHOSTLY KISSES. “Inspired by the cinema of the 50s, the video tells the story of a long day spent waiting, which was only a dream. The images were filmed with a Super 8 camera in Morocco all in black and white.”

French-Canadian singer/songwriter Margaux Sauvé is the heart behind GHOSTLY KISSES. The beautifully uber talented artist has been gazing upon the eyes of her audiences’ souls and let them have a piece of the quenchable theater of her lyrical excellence. The delectable vocals of Margaux tints everything that she and her music touches and it is a gorgeously ravenous experience with ‘Touch’ the acoustic version.

She mixes her vocal acumen with her sense for the ethereal to bring us singles like ‘Touch’. The solum electric assault, makes the heartstrings ache in anger, and then calm.

On October 11th, Margaux will drop her acoustic EP and her European tour to boot.

Starting in Porto, Portugal on October 10th (Hard Club), GHOSTLY KISSES will continue to wow and surprise as her sultry and fully expressive vocal talents drive through the noise.

The name GHOSTLY KISSES was inspired from reading William Faulkner’s poem ‘Une ballade des dames perdues’.



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