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Ghostpipes Shares ‘Enough’ (feat. Kayla Helmig) Off Of Debut Album ‘The Subtle Art of Falling Apart’.

‘Enough’ featuring vocalist, Kayla Helmig, is a simple, raw, and melancholic song about “being stuck in a cycle of self-destruction”.

“There are two voices in the song, two perspectives of the same unhealthy relationship. Both see the relationship failing, but are stuck in their own guilt and withdraw further into themselves, continuing the cycle.”

Off of the debut album ‘The Subtle Art of Falling Apart’ (available now), Sam Penkacik, the heart and soul of the project said: “[Being a creative] has never been a choice for me. I see no point in a life without self-expression. There is so much beauty in the tidal ebbing and flowing of pleasure and pain we call life. I just feel too much to stay quiet.”

Emphatic and absolute in his methods to expressive communication, Sam surges with both feet grounded, as the angelic wings of his collaborative partner assists in lifting the meaningfulness of the here and now.

“‘The Subtle Art of Falling Apart’ is a raw and poetic exploration of love, lust, depression, nostalgia, and self-destructive tendencies that doesn’t shy away from exploring the shadows,” elaborated Sam. “It is the product of six-hundred plus hours spent writing, tracking, editing, and mixing…”

“I’ve decided that I’m no longer willing to censor any part of my self-expression to cater to others’ comfort and expectations. I refuse to water myself down, because a life lived behind a mask is no life at all. ‘The Subtle Art of Falling Apart’ is dedicated to anyone on a similar journey toward unapologetic self-acceptance. You are understood and you are accepted exactly as you are. Anyone who wants a different version of you can go fuck themselves.”

Kudos, Sam. Kudos.



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