Gianna Lauren ‘Spark’ : Surging and nourishing the outright beauty of our deeply private hearts.

Gianna Lauren / Photo: Krista Comeau

The lead single from her upcoming EP ‘Vanity Metrics’ (Nov. 2020), ‘Spark’ was “conceived in a late night studio writing session during the recording”.

Impending lyrics and supple delivery, Gianna’s understated effervescence, collide in a majesty of feelings that account for affection and of warmth.

Said Gianna: “‘Spark’ was written and recorded in the depths of night in rural Nova Scotia with a tired but electric band of friends. The song may resonate with anyone experiencing feelings of unrest about what is happening versus what needs to be happening. I can’t wait to send the rest of the songs to you, but for now this is a great one for headphones and a walk outside, so turn it up and stretch your legs with me on this beautiful autumn day.”

Thoughtful revelry, courses through Gianna’s lyrical prowess, surging and nourishing the outright beauty of our deeply private hearts.

Justice, peace, love and reconciliation flood the works in her EP.

Can’t wait to hear more.


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