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Gianni Paci Shares ‘Apollo Thirteen’. Let Go. Let’s Live

In ‘Apollo Thirteen’, GIANNI PACI does his thing to try to come to grips about making “sense of a seemingly senseless tragedy”. It’s a big question. A question that is not very conducive to regular straight forward explanations. Revelations in such imminent fact of life can be a cause for head-aches, heart-aches, and repeated torture to a soul.

But that doesn’t stop Gianni, as this is what he does.

In the video, the ‘lover’ is haunted by the thoughts and being of her man. In a carousel of normal stream of life in a normal and calm household, there’s always the inkling of what it used to be.

It’s not normal to be with your ‘beloved’, in a ghostly fashion. It’s not normal for accepting that haunting in your dining room. And certainly is not normal to accept what is so very other dimensional.

However, as humans, we sometimes do the unthinkable, the mischievous, and the silly.

And what about making ‘sense’ of a tragedy? It’s only daunting, because it really is. But it’s something you can get through, and work out of.

You must. For the lover’s images wouldn’t want you to be frozen in time.

Let go. Let’s live.



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