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Giantee Shares Emotionally Entrenched Search For The Soul In New Single ‘H Heath’. Get Swept.

Giantee is, at the moment, a mystery to us, but one thing’s for sure – the student from somewhere in England has produced a fantastic single in ‘H Heath’. It’s a wintery and blistery cold breath of fresh air, perfect for reminding us of relationships current and past. And in the hesitation of expecting Summer coming our way, the decadent Marxist-like truths plunge our soul int that musical ether, weathering our hopes, dreams, and possible exculpation of what weighs our souls down.

Giantee’s vocals and wispy ceramics of production, hints at what early life and the attached enthusiasms of an optimistic outlook on the future, can looks or sound like.

It’s love, at it’s truest, and impulsive form, and the belying detrimental feelings and desires are packed neatly and Beautifully in this single.

His thoughts of the love he has.

His thoughts of the woman he craves.

His thoughts of the life that will be.

All crumbles down into that cereal bowl of life, in a notable sequent as “W”..”I”..”S”..”D”..”O”..”M”


Looking forward to even more from Giantee.



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