Gideon Brown Shares ‘Lose My Way’ Off Of Album ‘The Prodigal’.

Boston based indie-folk artist, GIDEON BROWN’s new album ‘The Prodigal’ (available now digitally) is a beautiful and peaceful; almost dialectic and introspective warrant to just move forward. And with the first single ‘Lose My Way’, Gideon’s most Jackson Browne and David Gray assertions become cemented into your heart.

Gideon expressed: “This song was written with the intention of juxtaposing the story of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, and the universal feeling of having lost ones way. It’s about wandering, being lost, and feeling as though you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. I believe the theme is universal, in that we all feel as though we’ve taken a wrong turn at some point in our lives.”

Taken to heart, we all feel that way sometimes. The longing to belong contradicting the secret urge to be alone, casts a wide disarray of self detriment and unsightly manifestation for the world outside of our skin.

He’d worked on this album, ‘The Prodigal’ with musician and engineer, Marc McElroy at Electric Cave studios in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Get to know Gideon’s expressive whims and thoughts, and musical outcrops of struggles and triumphs in the new album. His beautifully salient and gnostic vocals, bring the edges of highlight and color to those cheeks of desperation and madness that sometimes overflow into our schemes of personal happiness.

Kudos, indeed.



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