Giek_1 ‘Closure’ : A freedom, of another kind. The most significant, you can say.


“’Closure’ is an intimate digital farewell to a lover that confronted me with the dark side of my drug-addled past,” said Giek_1. “The difficult but cathartic demise of a relationship that pushed me to purge those destructive patterns from my soul.”

But a memory is a memory. And as substance, it pushes and bubbles to the surface, trying its best to undermine all that has been gained. It’s a struggle that can administer pain, all over again.

Giek_1 (Stephanie Smit) doesn’t want that. She knows her past, so there exists a shield of strength that will help her manage such gurgling demons, right at the gates walls of her heart, emotion, and life.

Off of the EP, ‘ESCAPE’, ‘Closure’ is her “way to progress is to heal from these hurts and grow as a person.” A mixture of mediums in audible waves, shimmer with Giek_1’s direction of production. And with that purpose and heart, her story telling blossoms as it was meant to be. Affection is where her personal tales redeem.

A freedom, of another kind. The most significant, you can say.


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