Gimme Gimme ‘Grace’ : Vibrant imagination in arrangement and production inquisitiveness


Australian brother-sister duo Gimme Gimme, brings that sparkly vibe that makes you just want to say ‘awwwwwe’. Cute and cuddly, but with a distinct indie feel, the single ‘Grace’ is a dedication to their niece, that makes beautiful sense in this universe.

Will Henderson said: “We wrote Grace while we were camping with Dad down at Wattle Flats (NSW) … listening to it is like jumping in a time capsule back there for us – you can feel the love and wonder we felt for this beautiful new part of our family!”

Completed with sister Esther, the duo’s vibrant imagination in arrangement and production inquisitiveness, carry the project in that most delightful way.

‘Grace’ is made to feel like you’re touching the stars, as you lie on your back on the cool green grass, embracing the beauty of the clear night sky, reminiscing like the real world doesn’t exist for a moment.


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