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Gina Brooklyn – Somebody Save Me

GINA BROOKLYN is so very talented. We get into her vocal habits, and we just don’t want to get out that comfort. With the juxtaposition of her lyrics, the delivery of her sanguine outlooks into love and life, inspires. ‘Somebody Save Me’ is a call to arms. It’s the sane amplification for what’s ‘next’ for the artist. And by proxy, we heave out our chests and say “We’re here, and will conquer.” Off of her 6 track EP ‘Normal’ (available now), the pop artist delves deep into her tools, explaining where she’s come from, and teaching us of things that might come as a surprise. Gina’s an interesting cat, and we just dig her for that.

Kimberly Townsend – The History and the Heart of It

Beautiful arcs of story telling and rainbows at the end of the challenges that bore into the traveler – it is what KIMBERLY TOWNSEND’s ‘The History and the Heart of It’ promises. The picture clear empathy is consciously guided by the intriguing vocals of Kimberly, engaging and shimmering in positivity. “I wrote this song after a long period of creative hibernation, after a long period of feeling frozen in place, stuck in coping mechanisms that kept my life small, unwilling to step outside of my comfort zone and grow. Leaving stagnation means getting to FEEL this life fully again; what a gift.” A lesson for many of us, and a true gift when given such interpretation as Kimberly has in this single.

Madeline Lauer – Breakfast

Falling in love with MADELINE LAUER’s single ‘Breakfast’ is easy. It’s fulfilling, sentimental, empowering, and imbued with the power to heal – a quality that is certainly earned. The Los Angeles based songstress with the warm vocals, writes about her personal experiences and we’re glued to her simplicity and writing acumen. The charisma just oozes out of this single, profoundly utilizing the pop, alt, and r&b vision she offers. Superstar? In our book, for sure. Go get ’em Madeline!

Taichi Ro – LIGTM

‘LIGTM’ spells out ‘Life-Is-Good-To-Me’. And when a song is that uplifting and full of messages of good will, you just can’t deny the warmth that emanates from it. TAICHI RO is a pop singer and producer from Japan, and we’d featured his previous single ‘Masquerade Dancing’. The reason we keep featuring him is that there’s a ‘suppleness’ to his production that is nuance but very much obvious if you look at it firmly. The soft underpinnings, belied with the empathy of gestures in life, culminates to a delicious broth of sonic endeavors in his singles. It’s a great start to his publications, don’t you think? He dips his musical toes in different genres, but that ‘suppleness’ is retained (so far) every time. Good stuff, for sure.

Set Sail – Newborn

SET SAIL is an Australian pop-rock band which is the quintessential jolt of energy that we sometimes need. What do we mean? You know. We sometimes need the ‘oomph’ in our relationship, our philosophy in life, or for our notion into our existence. Okay. The last one is a bit too broad, but some parts of that seeps deep within, and just like rainwater unto a desert, we can bloom with vigor and veracity. Well, at least that’s what we feel when we listen to ‘Newborn’. With chanting promises of a better tomorrow, the gentle sweeps of melancholy creeps in via the tone, but is vanquished by the uplifting sentimentality of the lyrics. It’s a catch-22, or maybe sweet-sour? Either way, the song just works to get you going, and helping to see our world in slightly a different angle.

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