Gina Livia ‘if i were you’ : Pours her emotions into the lyrical world she constructs.

Gina Livia

Understanding how therapeutic and helpful music is to her, Gina Livia pours her emotions into the lyrical world she constructs. When she sits at her piano or the guitar, she sets on a course that she know not how it will end. But it’s a journey she’ll take, 100% of the time, no matter what.

“‘if i were you’ is an in-between of a conversation I had (at least in my mind) with myself and people who turned their backs towards me. I mean, how can you expect other people to love and accept you if you’re struggling yourself? You give them a basis to treat you a certain way, that’s why I wrote it out of the “if i were you, i’d forget me too“ – perspective, a permanent in-between of leaving yourself, while it feels like being left by somebody else.”

“I remember that I always wanted to be seen and heard. Not in the typical ‘I want to be famous’ way, but more in the way of being accepted and understood. I always knew that I kind of just not fit in? If that makes any sense.”


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