Gina Livia ‘in my head’ : Truth and acceptance, shield those enemies from really looking deep into her soul

Gina Livia / Photo: Cori Kasus

“I guess my story starts with the deep feeling of not belonging anywhere. With the feeling of being too scared to tell my truth, which must have lend me to write my thoughts down. I always felt comfortable in writing and expressing my feelings, but I’m as weak as a person can be, when it comes to tell someone else how I really feel inside. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that music is so much more than just music, without being dramatic, but I do not know where I would be without it, like literally, music is my safe place and where I feel most alive.”

Heady and deliberate, style of accessibility is of concern for Gina and her work. A confession for a brighter future, lingers in the guilty wings of those foraging birds of pray. And up in the sky, Gina knows that they are waiting for a sign of weakness and desperation. But truth and acceptance, shield those enemies from really looking deep into her soul – her plight – her confusion of living and existing in this world.

So, she decides to thrive. Turning on the switch to thwart those who want to consume her from head to toe. A decision for rebellious decisions and radical aggression.

An anthem, for the change that was warranted.

Look for more from Gina’s heady talent.


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