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GINA VOLPE Drives You To Sanity In Her Single ‘Time To Come’.

Can it get any more delicious? Listening to the first power riff from GINA VOLPE’s single ‘Time To Come’ feels like the world is about to explode.

As a founding member of NYC band LUNACHICKS and front woman for BANTAM, this latest solo project single squeezes your balls to the wall and shoots some hot fire to the party.

The decisive single was inspired by the fight in the U.S. Congress during the SCOTUS Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in late 2018. It is a call to arms for feminists of all backgrounds to keep strong and hold against the deviations of institutional mores. The song “reflects the anger of a nation in the era of Trump and a nod to the power of the “Me Too” movement.”

Scouring. Thrashing. Eviscerating. The song is a catchy pop round-about with machete as the steering wheel. The mix of sounds is a fabulous flick of the switch, as you’re drawn to its heavy charms.

Kavanaugh is now Justice in our highest court. That battle had been lost, for many. However, just like the country that we live in, we have the freedom to express and love – the way we want to. And today, we are infatuated with GINA VOLPE’s ‘Time To Come’.

Let’s all come together and witness Gina’s paintings in sound.



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