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Ginger Cowgirl // CHILDCARE // Outerman // The Bites // Holy Beach

Ginger Cowgirl – 6 Weeks in Nashville

GINGER COWGIRL is Antonel. The California born musician combines experiences in rock, jazz, and pop to add fuel to her country/Americana offering of ‘6 Weeks In Nashville’. Yes. The multiple genres makes this single shine as the overwhelmingly country vibin’ single explodes with flavor with Antonel’s booming vocals. With a note here and there that combine fabulously, to deliver in an beautifully crafted song of fun and anecdotal fanfare. What fun, ain’t it?? Antonel is also a classically trained pianist, holds a degree from UC Berkeley, and got her start in the music industry singing jingles while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s a go getter, and her debut EP (available now) keeps her nipping at the heels of greater things to come.

CHILDCARE – Sugarcane

Directed by Maxim Kelly (FEWS, Palace, Zola Blood), added: “I’ve been chronicling the life altering work that CHILDCARE and their Get Well Soon program do. Therefore, I came to the project as an experienced advocate of the system. Childcare contacted me for the footage I had filmed and we re-edited it collectively. We focused primarily on the spinning and circular rotation work since we agreed this was the most profound and visual facet of the work. What you’re seeing unfold is the movement identified with all matter from the vastest galaxy to the teeniest atom.” Word. CHILDCARE was formed by Ed Cares. Completed with Emma Topolski (bass/vocals), Rich Le Gate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums). Ed stated: “’Sugarcane’ is one of the few modern songs to reference one of my favourite American-Chinese dishes – the almighty Ciao Mein, Sugarcane is about exploring a more delicious, greasier version of yourself.” That just makes so much sense, and ‘glorious’ is the song’s middle name.

Outerman – Divine

‘Divine’ is OUTERMAN’s 2nd single from the recently dropped album ‘Roads’. Straightforward in rockin’, this single is a dagger to the formidable heart of sorts. Groove and energy explore with outstanding hooks and delineation for the purpose of being what you can be. Project of trio Brian Stevenson, Miles Chan, and Jonas Waye, OUTERMAN’s epic vibe is eternally cemented in granite, colorful in delivery, magnetic in suppleness and sultriness. Vocals of Jonas click with all of your bodily fiber, as the 90’s hard, alt-rock feelings overwhelm, as it comforts you in silk and decadence.

The Bites – Don’t Love Me No More

THE BITES is Jordan Tyler and the rock n’ roll band from Los Angeles comes from the pure point of contention of bringing classic modern hair rock to the world. He thinks that the world is missing out with such music not being the fore. But he’s biding for time, and in the meantime, he’ll continue to entertain as many people the goodness of blues based rock that needs to be listened to. Los Angeles has a long history of providing what ‘glamorous rock’ can bring. The glitter is optional, but a rockin’ good time is always standard. Quality is number one. And THE BITES are here to shout it out loud from the mountain tops.

Holy Beach – It’s The Fear

‘All That Matters Is This Matter’ is the recently released debut LP from the Atlanta based experimental/alt-rock project. The heavy breath of knowledge looms deep with this band, as it carries along the majesty of ATL’s long rock traditions into new and bolder heights. HOLY BEACH is a resounding thoroughfare of deliberate power chords, hooked in rhythms, and majestically scintillating rages of subdued lyrical constructions. Born out of John Lally’s mind and heart (lead vocalist and guitarist for band, Sleep Therapy) and Aided by friends Jon Hilton (of Us Prizms), Mike Gibbs (of Krem Love), and Jason Petty all on warring guitars, Kevin Faivre on bass, and Jordan Hershaft (of The Tens) on percussion, this project reverberates with unobtrusive atmospheres and emphatic anthems for reality and reflection.


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