Ginger Root ‘Le Chateau’ : Ginger Root is something that should be.

Ginger Root

‘Le Chateau’ is the upcoming single by 24-year-old, Orange County based artist Ginger Root. The downtempo, French inspired song is the third single off his forthcoming album ‘Rikki’ due out October 23rd.

“I had a mild obsession with ’60s French music at the time I wrote ‘Le Chateau’,” said Ginger Root (Cameron Lew). “I wanted to try and write a song about a theoretical place you could go to help you escape from your problems, presented in a way that hopefully shares how I felt listening to France Gall, Jaqueline Taieb, and Serge Gainsbourg for the first time.”

The subtle but not-so-subtle vibes of the project delivers with fabulous amble and golden embers. Lights of humor with tints of irreverence; respectfully and utterly tackle your sense for worldly salvation and maybe – just maybe – a sense for what ‘beauty’ could become.

California sunset. Golden memories. Lovely hang-outs. Good times all around.

Ginger Root is something that should be. And with Cameron, the seasons upcoming will be fabulous.

Just feels good, don’t it??


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