Ginger Root ‘Out Of State’ : Delivers with fabulous amble and golden embers.

Ginger Root

“Having trained in martial arts for most of my childhood, and having a grandfather that competed in local table tennis tournaments, I wanted to combine the two in form of a music video that also paid homage to the many Kung Fu movies I watched growing up. It’s no Drunken Master or Shaolin Soccer, but I had a lot of fun making it.”

This second single off of his upcoming album ‘Rikki’ (due out October 2020), the not-so-subtle vibes of Ginger Root (Cameron Lew) delivers with fabulous amble and golden embers. Lights of humor with tints of irreverence; respectfully and utterly tackle your sense for worldly salvation and maybe – just maybe – a sense for what ‘beauty’ could become.

An abstract resurgence upon an abstract layer in-motion, ‘Out Of State’ is a delectable shoegaze-dream-ness that coaxes and tells you that you forgot to lock the car door. It’s that inner voice that gnaws at you throughout the morning work time. It’s a test of your will, might, and analyzing of your sense of self. A relevance in the grand scheme of things – awaiting for you to wake up and smell the roses.

Dream-ness meets, fun-ness. Ginger Root provides, and you dig it.

Cameron is joined by Matt Carney and Dylan Hovis, to create and finalize urges that, frankly, you’d never felt prior.

It’s a good thing, yo.

Look for more from Cameron.


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