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Gingerbomb Shares Single ‘Wildfire’. Watch Stages Set On Fire.

We never go ‘valley-girl’. Ever. But sometimes when extraordinary circumstances come about – we THINK about it. Just to make ourselves laugh or to just feel silly (yea, we’re weird).

Anywho, we became a bit ‘valley-girl’ when we heard GINGERBOMB and their single ‘Wildfire’. All we could see in our eyeballs were pictures of ‘red’, and the passions that come with such a superstition.

But is it merely?

This modern Americana band of 5 (all gingers? YES.) members is a kneed into that sore part of your back that needed kneeding. It’s that aspirin to quell your tired legs, which needs the tender touch of your significant other. It’s that kiss – that deep and longing kiss – that makes your head swirl.

GINGERBOMB is a collection of mates who the east and the west coast – who happened to be red-heads with some fab talent for song writing.

What a combo, right?

And yes. We all see the novelty of an all ginger band. But you stay because of their songs and fun nature of their outputs. Imagine seeing them live? Fun times, we bet.

‘Wildfire’ is the lead single form the upcoming debut record (due sometime in Fall of 2018). The song is about ‘female empowerment’: “celebrating someone who walks her own walk, in confident in who she is and who everyone wishes they could have a little piece of.”

The band consists of: Zach Berkman (vocals, guitar, mandolin, engineer), Megan Burtt (vocals, guitar), Sara Dee (vocals, keys), Casey Sidwell (all things bass), and Ryan Vaughn (percussion).



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