Gingerlys – See You Cry

“There’s a wish that never materialized, and I hated you. I hate that I hate you.” Gingerlys’ See You Cry is a declaration to the feelings that became vapors, never becoming cogent – hopelessly lost in the ether of the moments. It’s a sad beckoning for the losses.

“I stand before you, in love and this predicament.”

“It is I who love you, cherish you. Is it that much harder than spreading the butter on your burnt toast?”

Breathing air, like it was breathing air. Unconsumed by effort – seemingly in nature’s cycle of what it’s supposed to be. Never a stress on the fibre of being, existence, thought, and effort. It just works, because it just works.

That’s how it should be.

That’s how it should be.


It’s not easy like that…in this real, and congested life.

One thing should be easy and that one thing, isn’t working the way it should.


Make it work!

We promised this to ourselves, didn’t we?

You made that promise. I made that promise.

Why can’t we be a team.

Why must it always feel like it’s a tug-of-war.

I’m tired.

Spread the butter on that toast yourself. I don’t care. And if you care enough.. you wouldn’t go on with it.

Let’s see how important I am to you.

Let’s see.

Losses come, but none seemingly more tragic and devastating than a promising relationship.

All of the investment, all but a memory.

Gingerlys is a talented band working out of Brooklyn and is fab with the musical instruments. We’re never sure whether our interpretation of the songs are what the artists were thinking of, but it sure is communicating ‘something’. And that is a good thing, for sure.

“See You Cry” is a single from their self titled album, being distributed by Top Shelf Records (San Diego) and Babe City Records (Washington DC).

It was released in mid-November 2017, and is available now.

Listen to them, and you’ll understand.

We dig, lots. You should too.


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