Girl Time ‘Heaven’ : Warmth of a southern Pacific sunset above slowly churning admirations.

Girl Time

It’s a return to a more ‘simpler time’. That ever glowing amalgamation of personal wants and desires, dazzlingly respite in the warmth of a southern Pacific sunset above slowly churning admirations.

The 4th official release from the duo, Girl Time, realizes that fact of iridescence through capabilities in those most basic of human emotions and possible ‘faults’.

“It came from the idea that love sometimes isn’t enough to mend uncertainties about the future of a relationship. Neither of us are religious, but we have joked that it would be nice to believe that there was a supreme being to send us on a glide path toward whatever destiny we were meant to fulfill.”

Can there be a very personal salvation? Or is the journey the teaching mechanism, we always seem to negate and erode?

Girl Time asks that question.

Siblings helping us to realize, a bit more.


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