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Girl Wilde – Fake Louis

We’d gotten to know GIRL WILDE from her prior single ‘Bad Side’. And as a consistent thread in her songs, it’s “about the strength that needs to be revealed within.” When you sing along and dance to the bubblegum hooks, you realize her methods of persuasion. A barrier to being strong, independent, and thinking outside the box, is her M.O. A motivation to be a person of personal inner-wealth is the place to start any journey. Alex Barnes is GIRL WILDE and in her latest single ‘Fake Louis’ is just another fabulous tale of that side of the coin. If Alex was next to you, she’d encourage you to “Be strong and not to be restricted by trends.” Kick-ass.

John Zhang – No More Time

“She saw him busking, at the corner of this and that. As his rhythms and lyrics coursed through her body, she had already fallen in love.” JOHN ZHANG’s unique talents are displayed in full effect in this small but significant single ‘No More Time’. The simple and accessible pop tune, seeps into your soul, as the power of the chorus courses through your body. The sensual presentation and undeniable strumming of his guitar keeps John at the front of the pack. With sultry vocals dipped in sexually charge particles of emotions, the combination never loses impact or suppositions. Just like the girl at the corner of this and that, we all succumb.

John Adams – Flames

JOHN ADAMS brings a central theme of love and loss to the single ‘Flames’. At least the possibilities of both extremes are on the table for dissertation. In the single, it is the suggestive vocals of John’s that keeps the ship from diverting. Away from the one who loves you, the yearning for a return to normalcy is palpable. Will it ever change? Will it be again back to where it was? It won’t, but the flames of love can be turned on again, however, transformed. It can be a new chapter in a new life, and a newer version of love. Seeing each other in a new light will be that challenge, for now and forever more. The new EP ‘No White Lies’ drops February 8th.

Bella Mer – Nothing Holding Me Back

BELLA MER is beautiful singer/songwriter. From her angelic vocals to the lyrical admonitions for the love-sick, she enlightens her version of paradise to the over consumed and cynical. ‘Nothing Holding Me Back’ is her anthemic call to the promises made in self induced privacy. “Nothing Holding Me Back” is a bit of a personal anthem as I continually face down chronic demons known as doubt and fear,” said BELLA MER. “A decree to the stars to give me the strength and faith to leap and keep on leaping into the perpetual unknown.” We all have those moments, in and near our most dire of times. BELLA MER wants us all to seek out the good, and take hark, that the Universe can be a great place to lie. The unknown can become that new excitement and prequel to your yet unborn nature.

Crow – Go

Be shocked. Be enthralled. Become CROW’s fan. We are. When her chorus kicks in, the pictures and colors change to a peak of deliberations and valleys of acknowledgements of beauty. Beauty is all about CROW. CROW is beauty. The beautiful production of ‘Go’ is of an excellence that should be more prevalent. The lyrical works finds the right tones in telling of the tales of challenges and difficulties. The single deems it right to cause the hairs on your neck to rise to the heavens. ‘Go’ is a small part of heaven, indeed. The first generation Argentinian-American electro pop artist, has experienced much while growing up. Not all childhood memories deserved retention, as a victim of bullying seeks to absorb and accept her past. She seeks nourishment for her current art, with her past, doing her best to delight her new friends and horizons. Her music is her canvas to quell the demons of her past, to some resemblance of a truce. It’s a fight, everyday. But fast forward, and here in 2019, she’s on her way. And with an overflowing of talent, the artist named CROW will bring ‘plethora’ of music, to glean and to be a part of.


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