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GIRLS TAPE STORE returns to producing. No fanfare. Just good music.

GIRLS TAPE STORE formed in September 2001. After that, in February 2002 they contributed to the Minty Fresh Japan compilation. In August the same year, their first EP “i’m in mood” was released. It entered at number one on the College Radio Japan (CRJ) Central chart. Their song “niji” on the Sucre label’s compilation” Virtual Architecture” has featured on the Swedish radio show “P3 Pop”. In July last year their second EP “in the clouds” was released and reached number one on the CRJ-Tokyo chart, number two on CRJ Central and number six on the CRJ West chart.

Now they are back.



No big fanfare.

The band seems to be tip toe-ing and slowly coming back to what they were before.

And hence, an EP ‘in our time’ has been offered digitally. It’s a 5 song affair, and is a doozy.

The journey begins with ‘MINAMO’ an upbeat head-bopping fun. It’s new, but has the flare of the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. It’s nostalgic, but current. ‘Tone River’ is the ‘heaviest’ with deeper chords and a deeper sensibility. It also entertains and we couldn’t help being delighted by the aesthetics.

We don’t know where the band is at, in terms of their immediate plans. We don’t know where their thoughts are for the foreseeable future, but we can’t help trying to encourage them to continue, a bit more with their careers.

Let’s see how it goes.

The new EP is a delight, a bit of sweet and tart, for our dull musical tongues.




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