GIUDI ‘NoBody (Is Home)’ : “Swim into the sea of the unknown to try to reach those dreams..”


We all got our own dreams, but not everyone got the courage to swim into the sea of the unknown to try to reach those dreams…

Said Giudi: “‘NoBody’ is about the constant process of accepting yourself, the liberation from your physical body and moving your consciousness to higher levels. It is difficult to accept ourselves, to uncover our secrets, to let others see our imperfections or show our vulnerability. I have had enough of the perfect, polished beauty standards so I am showing you my real face. I am showing my dry skin, my swollen legs, acne and cellulite.”

Art director and film maker of this new video is the young artist Jakub Ra. Co-founder and head of the New Aliens Agency.

Jakub Ra says: “For me, this video is the best collaboration I can imagine. We’re pretty accustomed to working with Giudi, so the video was shot in just one day and 70% was edited at the same night! It was such an intensive work, I love when things are created by intuition because there’s a lot of energy, fun and magic!”

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