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Glass Famine Shares ‘Grumbling Bellies’. They Were The Right Choices Within This Weird And Wonderful World.

Purposely they headed out the door, with a thump of feet and a moxie triggered to the brink of annoyance. “Take the lunch bag, Holly”, said her mother of 3 children. Holly, a dainty girl of 12, had the face of an angel, but with a punk-ish attitude, most of the time loving, and a fraction for undeniable curiosity of all things around her. She was a cracking student, with so much potential. Her eyes told you everything you’d expect to know. For she saw everything, asked questions, and absorbed 99% of her atmosphere. She was crude at time, and her mom knew this. Although he loved her very much, her dad avoided Holly, because of her persistence and vigilance. But he smiled whenever he was handed a small whoop-ass in basic debates, for he knew she could take care of herself.

Johnny was 17 when Holly, now 16, met him. She was astounded by him. She was dazzled. And the crush for him expanded, faster and faster as the high-school seasons rolled past. They fell in love for each other. They set for a marriage, she’d thought of for a long time.

Holly was 70 now, with several grandchildren to her family. Her life was very full and filled with laughter and pride. Johnny had passed on a couple of years ago, and she missed him so.

Her thoughts looking outside of the calm and manicured lawn of her house, kept her thinking where and how she’d gotten here. She had so many plans, in career and independent queries.

She stopped that day in thinking of ‘What could have been’. She was a cracking student, with so much potential. For, her energies were rightly used, for other, very important things throughout her life.

And that was good enough for her.

Life is a double edged sword, and is made up of our human feelings and actions. We must live with what we’ve built for ourselves. There are sacrifices and sometimes, a non-caustic remembrance of minor regrets.

But we have NOW, and what we’ve accomplished. Small or large. Let’s smile, savor it, take the accomplishments as they are.

Glass Famine’s lyrics and presentation on this single, made us think of missed opportunities. But were they? Choices had to be made. And maybe sometimes, they were the right choices within this weird and wonderful world.



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