Glass Spells ‘Mirrors’ : Bespoke radiance. Amazing happiness. Through this retro-goodness.

Glass Spells

San Diego originating Glass Spells make a spacial gap between our lips as the amazingly radiant vibes of ‘Mirrors’ just wants you to dance like The Material Girl that lives inside you. With mechanical new-wave parlance, the decadent vocals of Tania Costello deliver with excellence.

The band is completed by Anthony Ramirez and Michael Buehl, the band’s eclectic focus and dark, patent leather shine, gives you a gasp for revelry. While the seriousness of the measure makes sure that you’re hypnotized, the sheer 80’s digital ambience, makes you smile in joy.

Get in. Get raucous.

But with attitudes, ready to party like it’s 1999.


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