Glenlord Ghost ‘Feel It Like I Do’ : That meadow of goodness you’d longed for. Forever.

Glenlord Ghost

“We wanted to take post punk further, into post post punk,” stated with gumption by Glenlord Ghost. “It uses all the typical elements of indie rock stretched out and arranged in a new way to create something cool. It’s from our new album which features sample of 50s media as a through line.”

Music dealing with all of the feeling that come with being trapped in a job in the pursuit of money, true happiness, family and friendship. Noah and Jesse realized they were going through the exact same experience and through a shared interest in music began working together to make music that can help others who are going through the same crisis.


It’s what you make of it, but is it really? If you get down to it, you have some fun and try to just stay ahead. Maybe smile a bit. And that’s not being defeatist. For if you don’t know where you can start, you will never get there – that meadow of goodness you’d longed for. Forever.

Glenlord Ghost is that deep inner feeling. Right there, man. This is the dreamy rock collaboration of Jesse Houston and Noah Biasco.

Their latest album ‘Intervening Time’ is out now.


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