Glenn Echo ‘Moon Seems Lost’ : Love exudes from each pore. Warmth that will only be.

Glenn Echo

Moon Seems Lost’ is the new single from Glenn Echo, the second off an EP set to be released in 2020. A nod to the intimate, ‘Moon Seems Lost’ explores the topography of bodies in union. Each verse is a different timbral season; beginning with a trio of voice, acoustic guitar, and upright bass pulling your ear close, it is elevated by a string section culminating with an interlaced groove.

Finger style guitar, introspective lyrics, and crooning melodies make up the atmospheres of songs, creating intimate spaces for connection, reminiscent of such acts as Big Thief and Feist. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Glenn Echo has soaked up influences from past residences, such as Nashville, TN and Northampton, MA, ultimately teaming up with engineer/producer Peter Brownlee to record the EP.

Glenn Echo is an alt-folk indie project from Matt Gaydar, started in 2015.


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