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Glitches – Warm Seas

Glitches’ Warm Seas, coming to us from their November album ‘Lost Language’ is (to us at CHF) what the band is about: introspective, illusive, emotive, but at the same time direct and prominent. The combination and arrangement on this song is just gorgeous and we want more and more of it.

Repeat button, please.

The rhythmic pulses of Warm Seas is counter balanced with the vocals of Robbie Parks, and one can’t help themselves of being in love with the song.

The whole album is in synch with this tale-telling-style of the band. And it’s all consuming and stressful – in that in the telling of the stories are strewn with petals of white flowers’ scent in calm adoration. The adoration of profound work, determination, and absolute focus in finding that one thing in life.

Come with me, as this song announces. Ride the horns, to the pen-ultimate destination.
Come with me, dance with me.
Caress me, hold me tight.
Don’t let go.

It’s a fab song. We dig it lots. And you should too.

They’re one of our faves, for sure.

As mentioned, the new album drops sometime in November. The original September date was pushed back due to production challenges.

Check ’em out!



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