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GLMR Shares ‘Be Where You Are’. “She Calls You Without Even Saying Your Name.”

We love subtle indie-synth-pop in a band’s DNA. GLMR brings that sense to this atmospheric dream-pop-synth extravaganza in ‘Be Where You Are’.

It’s about the ‘desire’, the ‘beckoning’ to be where she is. You can’t wait to be with her.

We certainly know that feeling. We’d gone through that experience (as we’re confident you all have, sometime in your lives). It’s a beautiful feeling and a predicament that you want to be mixed up in.

So, ‘juvenile’ in a sense.

But it just makes ‘sense’ in that moment in time.

The lust is real.

GLMR is a Los Angeles band that knows our basic desires, and expresses them in this light and airy delight of a single. This is their first single off of the upcoming debut EP, which drops October 5th.

If you’r in the area, GLMR will have a release party @ The Study in Hollywood, CA, USA (October 5th).



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