Glom ‘Fire’ : Celebration of what you love and embrace in your life. And its intricacies.


Driven by the rhythms of the song, the chorus is a celebration of what you love and embrace in your life.

Brooklyn based Glom sets a bar of indie goodness. ‘Fire’ is one of those songs that you put on when you gather with your friends at the beer-garden in the warming vibes of autumn.

Glom is a classic alt-rock inspired, fuzzy alt-rock act. The group started Sean Dunnevant, Peter Beiser, Sahil Ansari, and Jonathan Harwood got together in high school to play Beatles and Strokes covers. Jordan Wolff and Jonathan Crandall completes to make Glom what it is.

And when they’re on stage, making folks hum and smile, the world at its worst, seems to just fade a bit more, into the background.

Let’s bop. Let’s rock. Let’s love living, with Glom.


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