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Glom // He ft. Ahmad // The Painted Roses // Bambi // Maria Neckam

Glom – My Red Spine

GLOM has been one of our recent faves. The Brooklyn based indie-rock band keeps the psyche internalized, while having just enough of effervescence for you to just look cool while being philosophical. Their single ‘My Red Spine’ is like a pair of virtual sunglasses. It keeps the beautiful future shaded a bit, while you look up the phone book in your iPhone when nothing interesting’s happening on the 7 train. Formed in Washington DC, the band was founded by Sean Christian and Peter Warren, then joined by Jonathan Harwood and Sahil Ansari. Shivelrous guitar strums, keeps you guessing on that dance floor. The pace of nonchalance is framed by the work ethic of notes upon notes of care and craft. We’d called them bringing “that understated power of the lyrics, and the ease of affection you feel for their works.” Yep. True that.

He ft. Ahmad – We Got It All

Bruno Balscheit (aka ‘He’) is a multi-talented artist from Cologne Germany, and with ‘We Got It All’ his attention to sonic textures is evident. From rock to rap, to roots based signatures, the single transforms from this seed of story telling into this expanding emo-pop-rock commentary of today and parts social contracts. Political, personal, worldly, local – HE’s drive to ‘fairness’ and ‘awareness’ converge in this single that counter-points at the weight of what’s happening to the Palestinian people. The seemingly ‘petty’ challenges of the western world, is counter-flexed in what’s happening in Palestine. ‘We Got It All’ is a call for a change of the occupation of the Palestinian state. And moreover, the call for a change to the plight of its people and their futures.

The Painted Roses – Try to Take it Easy

Folk rock band THE PAINTED ROSES comes at us from the influence of Bob Dylan, Neil Young. And when the Northern Utah originating band, slowly eases into your subconscious, the beckoning brazing of the guitar chords, reminds you of the good times of a certain past of your life. Was that past real? Does it really matter? Sometimes no. Especially when all of your faculties make it hard not to reminisce. A cold beer in hand, and that golden sunset over the western skies, hand you a time of respite and time for self observation. That’s what it feels like with ‘Try To Take It Easy’. It communicates easily to all of us humans, and when the rolling vibe kicks in, we are afforded the space where we can return to what we’d forgotten. Cole Stocker (guitar/vocals), Jack Hogan (Bass/Vocals), and Jeffrey Thompson (drums) make up this band and as their new EP ‘The Sad Man’ drops, the ecliptic resonance gets written on the wall of solace and love. Personal emotions and mental controls become normalized, reflecting on what really is important to him. Cool guitars and cool chill makes this a song to keep.

Bambi – Paper Cuts

“We can die together on some beach somewhere…” BAMBI’s a fabulous talent and in her single ‘Paper Cuts’ her haunting pop vocals meld in this unique soup of indie-rock and antecedence, in which a new flowering language peeks out at your salty wounds. Said BAMBI: “‘Paper Cuts’ is… about a couple dying together..” From the fantastical, is born this oddly paced and oddly attractive piece where conventions just don’t come off right away. The laces of interests converge at the corner shop of memories, and BAMBI successfully pulls the sewn strings of reality right off of the edges, letting down the lyrical story telling and emotional platitudes. The unassuming and bare presentation is more than decadent, as the gravity of it all is amplified even more by the complementing music video, that helps accentuate and prod. The purposeful construction of the alt-pop artist, keeps our sensibilities in high alert, as each impending note and words are anticipated like the next ice-cream lick in that shimmering summer heat within your palisades of your mind. BAMBI is the project of Samantha Ciotti. And the 23 year old singer/songwriter from Canada, has a knack that we’re very fond of. Looking for more and more from this fab artist.

Maria Neckam – Hidden

Austrian born and Brooklyn New York resident, MARIA NECKAM is a ‘jazz composer turned crooner’. And boy, are we glad she had decided to add this repertoire to her list of talents. ‘Hidden’ is one of her prime examples of melding multiple musical styles and philosophies which bring a new and flavorful levels of excellence to the fore. The jazzy inlay, just like mother-of-pearl, glisten and shimmer throughout the single, as the soul searching and delightful vocals of Maria, pounce on the relative misgivings within all of us. The trepidations of emotional vagrancy, caste a shadow that is temporary. The bridge from nowhere is driven to action as the experiences of this modern woman takes you away for a moment. Time balances and rhythms out of the styles of Regina Spektor and Feist, Maria’s understated offering is powerful in its stance, carrying with it a big stick for talent. She’s working hard towards her new album ‘The Leap’ which drops in 2019.


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