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Glorietta Shares Second Single ‘Golden Lonesome’ From Upcoming New Album.

We had reviewed GLORIETTA’s single ‘Heatstroke’ early August, and we dug that to bits. Now, we have this diddy called ‘Golden Lonesome’ and our ‘feels’ just rushed out and didn’t know what to do with the simple fabulousness of the song.

You know that phrase: “ your tracks”?

That’s what happened.

Our shoes have holes in them from the emergency break procedure.

‘Golden Lonesome’ is this beautifully crafted, Americana-folk song that the gang in Glorietta, mustered up for our little ears to love, hug, and adore. The emotive reservation for that incredibly love-lorn heart break, and a journal in a cry for assistance – it’s a trip worth taking.

Take that trip.

Glorietta consists of: Noah Gundersen, Matthew Logan Vasquez (Delta Spirit), Kelsey Wilson (Wild Child), David Ramirez, Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasma, Black Pumas), and Jason Robert Blum.



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